Stone and Brick Masonry Cleaning Service

For Southeastern Wisconsin

Masonry Cleaning Services RacineCustom Restoration offers affordable stone and brick masonry cleaning services for Southeastern Wisconsin homes and businesses. Masonry surfaces, such as cultured stone and brick, are known for their timeless beauty and durability. Over time, they can accumulate different types of debris which diminishes their appearance and weakens their structure. Professional cleaning is one way to make your stonework look good as new.

We're trained to use the correct cleaning methods depending on several factors, including:

  • The stone
  • The extent of the deterioration
  • Whether the stonework is inside or outside your Wisconsin home or business

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Thorough Stone & Brick Cleaning Using ThermaTech™

The ThermaTech™ superheated water cleaning system offers a safe and effective solution for removing paint, wax, chewing gum, bitumen, algae, oil and organic matter from a wide range of stone surfaces. This method of cleaning is environmentally and user-friendly, but we’d be happy to discuss other solutions to suit your needs.

Here are some of the things that can be removed or cleaned during our masonry washing & brick restoration:

  • Dirt and Grime: Over time, masonry surfaces accumulate dirt, dust, and other pollutants from the environment. Masonry washing helps remove these layers of dirt and grime, restoring the surface's original appearance.

  • Stains: Masonry surfaces can develop various types of stains, including water stains, rust stains, oil stains, or graffiti. Custom Restoration Inc's professional masonry washing services employ specialized techniques and cleaning agents to effectively remove these stains.

  • Algae, Mold, and Mildew: In damp or shaded areas, masonry surfaces can become a breeding ground for algae, mold, and mildew. These organic growths not only affect the appearance but can also cause damage over time. Masonry washing services often include treatments to eliminate and prevent the regrowth of these organisms.

  • Efflorescence: Efflorescence refers to the white, powdery deposits that sometimes appear on the surface of masonry. It occurs when water-soluble salts migrate to the surface and crystallize as the water evaporates. Our professional masonry washing services can help remove efflorescence and prevent its recurrence.

  • Paint or Coating Removal: If there are old layers of paint on the masonry surface that need to come off, our masonry washing services can employ techniques like pressure washing, chemical stripping, or abrasive cleaning to remove them.

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Benefits of our Wisconsin Masonry Cleaning & Washing Services

Professional masonry cleaning & washing services offer numerous benefits that go beyond surface-level cleanliness. Here are some key advantages of relying on professionals for your masonry cleaning
& washing needs:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Professional cleaning services can restore the natural beauty of your masonry surfaces. By removing dMasonry Cleaning & Washing Services Wisconsinirt, grime, stains, and discoloration, we can revitalize the appearance of your stone and brick, making them look fresh, vibrant, and visually appealing.

  2. Structural Integrity Preservation: Masonry surfaces are susceptible to damage caused by contaminants, weathering, and other factors. Professional cleaning & washing helps to remove harmful substances that can compromise the structural integrity of the masonry. By addressing issues such as mold, mildew, and efflorescence, our professionals ensure the long-term durability of your masonry.

  3. Customized Cleaning Techniques: Our professional masonry cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to choose the most appropriate cleaning techniques for different types of masonry surfaces. They can tailor their approach based on factors such as the age, composition, and condition of the masonry, ensuring effective yet safe cleaning without causing any damage.

  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: We have specialized tools, equipment, and cleaning agents that are specifically designed for masonry surfaces. This allows us to efficiently and effectively clean & wash large areas in a relatively short period. Hiring professionals saves you time and effort compared to undertaking the task yourself. 

  5. Expert Assessment and Maintenance: Our professional masonry cleaners conduct thorough inspections of your surfaces before beginning the cleaning process. This allows them to identify any underlying issues or potential problems, such as cracks or water damage. They can provide recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance, helping you address issues early and prevent further damage in the future.

  6. Long-Term Protection: We apply high-quality sealants and coatings to protect your masonry surfaces from future damage. These protective treatments help to repel water, prevent staining, and extend the lifespan of your masonry, reducing the need for frequent cleaning or repairs.

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