Masonry Repair for New Berlin Homes

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Custom Restoration offers a wide variety of total masonry repair services to the city of New Berlin. We can help with all problems related to masonry, including lintel and I-beam replacement. We have the knowledge and expertise to confidently complete any level of restoration for your New Berlin home or building.

Masonry Services:

New Berlin Chimney Repair and Relining 

Wisconsin weather is no joke, especially in the winter. Your chimney is exposed to the elements on all sides, allowing for fast deterioration. Whether your masonry only needs a small fix or a large repair, Custom Restorations will figure out what's best for you at an affordable price. When your liner becomes cracked, our chimney relining experts will install a new clay liner to keep your home safe and protected from harmful fumes. 

Caulking Services in New Berlin, WI

Your old masonry stones or bricks may be improperly sealed if they’re growing mold or fungus. Properly sealing your masonry with caulk is extremely important if you’re trying to protect the longevity of your home or building. Our caulking service options will help you protect your masonry from the growth of fungus and mold, helping ensure a longer-lasting piece of work. If you continue to leave your masonry without caulk, you could be putting your home and your health at risk of costly damages. Our team will make sure your brick and stonework are properly sealed with our high-quality caulking services.

Masonry Cleaning Services

As your home or building grows older, your brick and stonework can begin to deteriorate. Utilize the masonry cleaning services provided by Custom Restoration to keep your masonry looking alive and young. We offer professional cleaning services that can help you remove a wide range of substances from your masonry. We can remove materials including, but not limited to: 

  • Wax
  • Paint
  • Chewing gum
  • Bitumen
  • Algae
  • Oil
  • Organic Matter

Lintel Replacement Services

In addition to the wide variety of masonry services offered by Custom Restoration, we also provide lintel replacement services. As your masonry grows older, the lintels supporting the stone or brick can give out and break. This will cause your masonry to crack, warp, or even fall apart. If you’re in need of lintel or I-beam replacements, contact Custom Restoration for expert-level services.

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