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Old, Deteriorated Chimney? Get Help from the WI Masonry Experts at Custom Restoration Inc.

Unfortunately, masonry chimneys are a prime target for weather-related wear and tear. Since they’re often exposed on all four sides to the elements, they tend to deteriorate faster than other types of masonry.

Catching problems in or on your chimney early can be the difference between a simple tuckpointing job and spending thousands of dollars constructing a new chimney. Custom Restoration is here to give you the best option for you – whether you need a small masonry fix or a large restoration, our team of experts will figure out what’s right for you and at the most affordable price. We’re here to provide you with the best possible service, guaranteed!

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Common Masonry Chimney ProblemsCommon Masonry Chimney Problems

  • Weather – Exposure to the elements can lead to deteriorated masonry, and even just one bad storm could cause whole bricks to come off your chimney.
  • Condensation – The heating and cooling effects of fireplaces and appliances can cause issues for your chimney’s masonry.
  • Deteriorated chimney linings – The chimney lining provides protection between the masonry and the other flammable parts of the building. If cracks appear in the lining, then the brickwork could be damaged as well.
  • Obstructions – Various things can potentially get stuck in your chimney and cause problems, such as creosote buildup, debris, and bird’s nests.

No matter what happened to your chimney’s lining, Custom Restoration Inc. of southeast Wisconsin can help you fix it. Our team of professionals is the best in the business, and we have over 20 years’ experience fixing, constructing, and restoring masonry for homes and commercial buildings throughout southeast Wisconsin.

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