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Window Lintel Restoration MilwaukeeOur Masonry Services Extend to Lintels and I-beams on Wisconsin Windows

A lintel is a piece of steel that spans an opening (e.g., a door or window) and supports the masonry above it. Lintels age over time, and through that process, they rust and swell, creating pressure within the masonry wall. This process is known as rust-jacking and if left unchecked can crack apart mortar and heave bricks out of alignment. As the pressure grows, even the hardest masonry (or nut) blows apart. Custom Restoration Inc. offers expert lintel repair and complete masonry restoration services throughout southeast WI.

Some of the early signs of lintel or I-beam failure include:
  • Bricks above the window or door appear to be warped instead of laying straight.
  • Cracks appear in the mortar joints and bricks emanating outward from the upper corners of the windows.
  • Crushed bricks appear in the upper corners of window and door jambs where the steel inserts into the wall
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How Lintel Replacement Cost is Determined

There are a variety of factors affecting the cost of lintel replacement and an inspection is required to provide an accurate quote. The two main factors are material cost and the difficulty of removal.

1. The wall's material and condition around the lintel.

The wall's material and condition will determine how difficult it will be to get to the lintel. If there is cracked, crumbling, or failing brick around the lintel, a mason will be required to make repairs.

2. The condition of the window.

If your window is in poor condition, old, or even installed incorrectly, it may increase the cost of replacing the lintel. We recommend having your lintel replaced if you're getting new windows installed - the additional expenses are minimal because the window replacement and lintel replacement processes share several steps in common. 

3. The lintel's condition.

If your lintel is broken, bent, or splintering, it will be much more difficult to remove. 

Remember, these are general guidelines to consider. For an accurate quote on your lintel replacement, a qualified professional will have to do an inspection.

Window Lintel Restoration from the Best in the Business

Severely deteriorated, deflected or defective steel lintels should be replaced with new, properly primed and painted steel, through-wall flashing, and end dams. Defective steel cannot be "repaired" with a coat of paint and be expected to perform properly. Masking a defective steel support member can put the public at risk of catastrophic wall failure.

At Custom Restoration, our team takes pride in making sure the right steps are taken to properly repair and restore window lintels and I-beams to assure a quality finished product!

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