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Custom Restoration specializes in all types of professional masonry repair. Whether you have a simple problem solved with tuckpointing, or you need your entire fireplace rebuilt, Custom Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of restoration for your Mequon home or building. 

We offer a wide range of masonry repair and restoration services, including:

Masonry Services:

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Masonry Repair and Relining for Mequon Homes

Exposure, condensation, and age can cause great problems for your chimney and masonry work. Get your masonry inspected for possible issues causing excessive moisture, which can cause more problems in the future. Curious how much this might cost you? It all depends on:

  • The condition of your chimney
  • The number of flues within your chimney system
  • The type of chimney you have

Repairing your chimney and masonry can save you from future costs as well as additional damage to your home. If you're in need of chimney relining services due to cracks in your liner, we also install new clay liners to fix the damages. 

Cultured or Decorative Stone for Mequon

Custom Restoration specializes in commercial and residential masonry in the Mequon area. We understand the necessity of durable exteriors that don’t compromise style.

Cultured stone works as a veneer to give a natural and realistic stone appearance and is suitable for interior or exterior projects. The material caters to a variety of budgets and styles. The most common types of cultured stone include:

  • Flat ledge stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Sculpted ashlar
  • Fieldstone

Brick has been used for centuries due to its reliability and elegance. Decorative brick capitalizes on traditional elements and is resistant to cracking and chipping. Decorative brick or stone comes in a variety of patterns and colors to give a custom look to any Mequon home or building.

Mequon Fireplace Design

Custom Restoration creates beautiful spaces for Mequon clients through fireplace restoration. A fireplace provides warmth and comfort to any room. Resurfacing takes the room to the next level by making your fireplace a unique centerpiece.

Our masons use veneer cut stone, thin brick and cultured stone in various colors. Veneer puts less stress on the home foundation and is less invasive than a full remodel. Veneer gives a stone finish and comes at an affordable cost.

Caulking for Mequon Buildings

Custom Restoration offers residential and commercial masonry caulking. Masonry caulking provides an important seal to encourage brick and stone preservation. Masonry seals are responsible for warding off seepage and preventing costly water and mold damage. Our masons use 100% silicone waterproof, shrink and crack-proof caulk. Work with Custom Restoration to restore your masonry caulking and improve the look of your property.

Lintel Repair and Replacement For Mequon

L-beams are load-bearing support beams above windows, doors and openings. Defective lintels threaten the foundation of a property and repairs become more costly as damage spreads. If you notice protruding bricks, cracks in the mortar or damaged corners around an opening, your lintel needs attention. L-beam maintenance revitalizes the architecture of homes and businesses.

Lintel replacement costs are determined by the surrounding masonry, the condition of the window and the current state of the l-beam. We recommend having your lintel replaced during a new window installation to ensure a proper fitting. The masons at Custom Restoration will help Mequon customers determine whether a lintel needs repair or replacement.

Mequon Tuckpointing Services

Custom Restoration works with residential and commercial clients in the Mequon area for tuckpointing and mortar repair. Tuckpointing repairs the mortar in between bricks to adequately seal properties. Cracked or damaged mortar creates foundation problems, allows water seepage and encourages mold growth. Tuckpointing prevents these occurrences and enhances the overall look of a property.

Does your Masonry need tuckpointing? Call our expert masons for a free quote or try this:

  1. Gather a screwdriver or something similar.
  2. Gently scrape the mortar between bricks.
  3. Call a professional if you notice scratches and a powdery residue, or any crumbling.

With over 20 years of experience, Custom Restoration has the knowledge and experience for your indoor or outdoor tuckpointing needs. We use mortar in different colors and styles to make any properly look seamless.

Full-Service Masonry Restoration

At Custom Restoration, we offer masonry work for residential and commercial buildings in the southeastern Wisconsin areas. From routine masonry cleanings to full fireplace restorations, we do it all. Our contractors specialize in chimney repair and relining. Looking to switch out your steel lintel or recaulk your masonry? Call our team today to schedule an appointment.

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