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Improperly lined chimneys do not work as efficiently as they should. Warm air can linger inside the chimney, which reacts to the cooling of the masonry and can create moisture which damages the lining. Chimneys can then deteriorate over time from the inside out. Once that happens, expensive chimney repairs are often needed.

Custom Restoration is here to help you out with all your chimney relining needs! Whether you need a simple tuckpointing job done, or you want your chimney rebuilt entirely, our team of experts can help with anything you need. We have over 20 years’ experience in the masonry restoration industry, and we guarantee you’ll get the very best service possible from people with the knowledge and expertise to give you the best deal available.

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What is chimney relining?

Chimney relining is the most cost-effective solution for when the interior lining of a chimney is cracked or damaged. Relining is the installation of a new clay liner to protect the inside of the chimney and ensure smoke, creosote, and soot are ventilated properly. It's a much more affordable alternative to replacing the chimney altogether. 

Most Common Signs of Chimney Damage

Efflorescence – Unusual white stains on chimney bricks is a sure sign of excessive moisture in the masonry.

Deteriorated mortar joints – Damaged mortar joints can increase the amount of moisture leaking into your chimney, which can further deteriorate the masonry. Tuckpointing is a great fix for this.

Spalling bricks – Spalling is when moisture penetrates brick masonry and breaks it apart, causing damage to the structure of your chimney.

Deteriorated flashing – Chimney flashing is a metal sheet that creates a watertight seal between your chimney and the roof. If your flashing is damaged, then it's likely your chimney is damaged too.

No matter what happened to your chimney’s lining, Custom Restoration Inc. of southeast Wisconsin can help you fix it. Our team of professionals is the best in the business, and we have over 20 years’ experience fixing, constructing, and restoring masonry for homes and commercial buildings throughout southeast Wisconsin.

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