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Custom Restoration specializes in all types of professional masonry repair. Whether you need a simple problem solved with tuckpointing, or your entire fireplace rebuilt, Custom Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of restoration for your Hartland home or business. 

Specializing in commercial and residential masonry work, our contractors will take proper care of your Hartland building. Ensuring your business or home is receiving annual inspections can be the difference between beautiful masonry or problematic structure to your building. 

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Chimney Repairs and Relining for Hartland Homes

Chimneys quickly show wear and tear after being exposed to varying seasons and elements. Fix your chimney with Custom Restoration's masonry experts. Starting with an inspection, our contractors will figure out just what your chimney needs to look brand new. A few reasons chimneys may need to be repaired include:

  • Weather
  • Condensation
  • Deteriorated chimney linings - If your chimney lining is cracked and damaged, relining your chimney with a new clay liner will create proper ventilation for harmful fumes 
  • Obstructions

Decorative and Cultured Stone and Brick for Hartland Masonry

Whether you're starting a new masonry project for your residential or commercial property, Custom Restorations has cultured stone and decorative bricks for your desired look. Cultured stonework gives you realistic, natural-looking patterns for your fireplace, exterior wall or chimney. Decorative bricks create an appealing exterior to your building. Your dream masonry project can be completed for an affordable price. 

Regular Masonry Cleaning

Looking to get your chimney cleaned this year? Custom Restoration, Inc has experience in washing all masonry and chimney types. Using the ThermaTech superheated water cleaning system, we create a safe and effective cleaning solution for your concerns. Masonry cleaning is an important part of keeping your chimney and masonry work in top shape. Contact our cleaners today for a free quote. 

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