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At Custom Restoration Inc., we are experts in masonry services encompassing repair, restoration, correction, and construction across a wide range of projects. Our capabilities extend to addressing both minor and major endeavors, ensuring that no task is beyond our capacity. Whether your chimney has suffered weather-related damage or you require intricate masonry work for your residence, we are here to provide the assistance you need.


Masonry Services:

Oconomowoc Masonry Repair Contractors

Oconomowoc Tuckpointing Services for Businesses and Homes

For over 20 years, Custom Restoration has helped Oconomowoc residential and commercial clients with affordable tuckpointing and mortar restoration. Cracks and mortar deterioration are common over time, making an exterior look run down. Replacing the mortar prevents loosening bricks and creates a more appealing look.

Why is tuckpointing important?

  • It holds brickwork (your home or business) together
  • It prevents water intrusion or mold from growing inside the walls
  • It provides an aesthetic appeal

Our masons use the best quality mortar and equipment to ensure a long-lasting result.

Fireplace Refacing and Restoration in Oconomowoc 

Fireplaces offer warmth, comfort, and protection against harsh cold weather. If you notice any damage to your fireplace, it's advisable to contact us promptly and schedule a fireplace repair service in Oconomowoc before more damage is done. We are well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes, ensuring your fireplace remains in excellent condition.

Masonry Repair for Oconomowoc Residents & BusinessesTuckpointing & Chimney Repair Services in Oconomowoc

We specialize in restoring the beauty of structures through affordable masonry work. Our skilled masonry contractors in Oconomowoc are renowned for their expertise and approach every project with confidence. 

Repairing a damaged or worn-out chimney can be a challenging task. That's where Total Masonry Repair comes in. We offer prompt and cost-effective services for masonry chimney repairs, restorations, and more. Our team of experienced masonry experts excels at revitalizing deteriorated, weather-exposed, or aging chimneys and crowns. If your chimney lining, which provides vital protection between the masonry and flammable components of your building, is cracked, chimney relining is the ideal solution to address the damage.

Contact us today to have your Oconomowoc home restored. We will ensure that your chimney looks and functions as good as new.

Lintel Replacement in Oconomowoc

When cracks appear in the mortar and bricks of a chimney, it's time for a lintel or I-beam replacement. When the bricks above your windows appear to be warped, that's the time to call Custom Restoration INC. Our masonry repair specialists will help restore your Oconomowoc house to its best condition. Our three determinants of price consist of 

  • the wall's material and condition surrounding the lintel
  • the window's condition
  • and the lintel's condition

Restorations are perfect for minor disfigurements but if a lintel has severely deteriorated, you should consider a full replacement servicing. We take pride in our masonry repair services and strive to make your Oconomowoc home look and work as good as new.

Decorative & Cultured Stone for Oconomowoc Chimney, Porch or Siding Project

Cultured stone is normally chosen since it lasts longer and it's much easier to install than natural stone. We cater to your style and budget with the variety of stone and brick types that we offer. Along with cultured stones, we also offer decorative ribbed, striated, rounded rib and bullnose bricks to improve the aesthetic of your home or building's exterior. Whatever size project you're working on, Custom Restoration can help. 

Masonry Caulking in Oconomowoc

Prevent mold and water seepage from entering your Oconomowoc home or business. Custom Restoration offers expert masonry caulking services to seal your property. Masonry caulking improves the overall appearance and prevents costly, interior damage. Our services come at an affordable price and our expert masons use the best caulking products in the industry. We use 100% silicone waterproof, flexible, shrink and crack-proof caulk to ensure long-lasting results.

Residential and Commercial Masonry Cleaning

Custom Restoration cleans stone and brick for Oconomowoc structures. Restore the appearance of your home or business through masonry cleaning. Over time, stone and brick deteriorate when not properly taken care of. Professional cleaning improves the appearance and long-term material stability.

Custom Restoration uses a superheated water cleaning system, called the ThermaTech™, for most jobs. We offer other solutions when necessary. Call us today to remove paint, wax, chewing gum, bitumen, algae, oil, organic matter and more from your Oconomowoc property.

Oconomowoc Chimney Repair and Relining

Properly repairing your broken or distressed chimney can be difficult. At Total Masonry Repair, we provide fast and affordable services for masonry chimney repairs, restoration, and more. Our masonry experts will help restore any deteriorated, weather-exposed, or aged chimneys and crowns. If the chimney lining that adds protection between the masonry and other flammable parts of the building is cracked, chimney relining is the best way to repair that damage. Call us today to get your Oconomowoc home fixed up. We'll ensure your chimney looks and works brand new. 

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