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Custom Restoration specializes in all types of professional masonry repair, whether you have a simple problem that can be solved with tuckpointing, or you need your entire fireplace rebuilt. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of restoration for your Brookfield home or business. 

Masonry Services:

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Chimney Repair and Relining in Brookfield

The cost of chimney repair depends on how damaged your chimney already is, how many flues are connected to your chimney and what type you have. Contact Custom Restoration before the damage gets worse and breaks your bank. We'll restore your masonry to its initial beauty. An affordable alternative to replacing your entire chimney is with chimney relining. When your liner has cracks or damage, we'll install a new clay liner to create proper ventilation.

Our team of masonry specialists in Brookfield is highly regarded for their expertise in chimney repair and relining, ensuring your chimney is brought back to its original condition. In cases where your chimney is beyond repair, we excel in chimney reconstruction, providing reliable solutions to address structural concerns while preserving the architectural charm of your Brookfield property. Whether you need chimney repairs, relining, or a complete chimney rebuild, trust us for transparent quotes and exceptional craftsmanship tailored to your Brookfield property's unique requirements.

Brookfield Cultured & Decorative Stone Design

At Total Masonry Repair, we don't just fix up chimneys. We offer services for masonry repair on patios, entryways, outdoor living spaces, and anything else that needs repairing. Our decorative stones are vital components of the aesthetic of your Brookfield building's interior and exterior. The types of cultured and decorative stone we carry include:

  • ribbed brick
  • striated brick
  • rounded brick
  • bullnose brick
  • flat ledgestone
  • cobblestone
  • sculpted ashlar
  • and fieldstone

Masonry Caulking for Brookfield Buildings

Caulking serves as a seal to preserve masonry. Choosing a quality caulking product and a mason with high skill ensures no water or air enters the structure. Old caulking allows mold and moisture. Avoid future problems and restore the look of your Brookfield home or business.

Custom Restoration uses 100% silicone waterproof, flexible, shrink/crack proof caulk to produce a long-lasting result, at an affordable price.

Fireplace Restoration for Residential Brookfield Homes

Custom Restoration works with clients in Brookfield to create beautiful and efficient fireplace designs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade stonework, fully remodel or touch up an existing surface, Custom Restoration offers affordable costs and durable solutions.

Many homeowners update their homes to a more current style but forget to update the fireplace to match. Custom Restoration uses veneer cut stone, thin bricks or cultured stone to match any home style. Veneers offer the same texture as mined materials at a more affordable cost. Our masons use quality materials regardless of budget.

Tuckpointing Brookfield Homes

Custom Restoration offers tuckpointing for Brookfield residential homes and commercial buildings. Cracks and mortar deterioration are common over time and make an exterior look run down. Replacing the mortar prevents loosening bricks and creates a more appealing look.

What causes mortar to crack?

  • Freeze-thaw weather patterns
  • Foundation shifting and settling
  • Erosion from precipitation
  • Aging mortar
  • Improper construction
  • Continuous direct sun exposure

Custom Restoration will help determine whether the cracks are the result of a larger issue or cosmetic. Custom Restoration uses different types of mortar to seamlessly blend old and new masonry. Get a free quote!

Masonry Cleaning in Brookfield 

Give your home or business a fresh look! Masonry cleaning removes dirt, grime and stains that naturally occur over time. Custom Restoration offers professional services to restore the appearance of masonry. Proper care of masonry keeps stonework looking good as new. We often remove wax, paint, gum, bitumen, oil, algae, organic matter and much more.

Lintel Replacements For Brookfield Homes

Chimneys aren't the only thing that can crack and come apart at the seams. When your lintels or I-beams become warped, call Total Masonry Repair to fix up your windows. Each repair project is priced differently depending on the material and condition of the wall surrounding the lintel, the window, and the lintel itself. Early signs of a lintel or I-beam failure can be anything from bricks appearing to be warped when they used to lay flat, cracks appearing within the mortar joints and bricks, and crushed bricks near the window corners and door jambs. If you notice any of these issues, call us to get a free quote and an initial inspection.

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