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Custom Restoration specializes in all types of professional masonry repair. Whether you have a simple problem solved with tuckpointing, or you need your entire fireplace rebuilt, Custom Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of restoration for your Glendale home or building. 

Masonry Services:

Masonry Repair Contractors Glendale

Chimney Repair and Relining in Glendale

The Glendale masonry experts at Custom Restoration can help repair chimneys that have deteriorated due to the harsh Wisconsin weather. When we provide you a free pricing quote, we consider the extent of the damage, the number of damaged flue channels and what type of chimney you have. We aim to fix your chimney in the most affordable way possible. 

A major problem that requires chimney repair is when the protection between the masonry and other flammable building parts needs to be relined. Relining is a much more cost-effective option when compared to replacing your entire chimney. Total masonry has decades of experience fixing Glendale chimneys. 

Cultured and Decorative Stonework for Glendale Masonry Projects 

Custom Restorations doesn't only repair and restore chimneys. If you're looking to improve the aesthetic of your home's siding, walls, fireplace and more, we have plenty of cultured and decorative stone and bricks to choose from. Our cultured stone options include flat ledgestone, cobblestone, sculpted ashlar and fieldstone. Decorative stone and brick options include ribbed, striated, rounded rib, and bullnose. 

Glendale Lintel Replacement Solutions

Lintels and I-beams are what keep your masonry supported. Don't let age and damage ruin your beautiful Glendale home's masonry work. If your lintel or I-beam has cracks appearing or crushed bricks, it may be time to get it replaced. At Custom Restoration, our team's got you covered with affordable and good-quality lintel replacement work. Call today for a free quote. 

Tuckpointing in Glendale, WI

Custom Restoration services the Glendale area for affordable residential or commercial tuckpointing and mortar repair. Tuckpointing is vital to the structural health of any property. Mortar holds brickwork together to prevent foundation issues, water intrusion and mold. From an aesthetic standpoint, cracked masonry makes homes and businesses look run down.

What determines the success of a tuckpointing job?

  • skilled masons
  • strong technique
  • the best equipment
  • durable material

Trust our experts at Custom Restoration and receive a free quote today!

Masonry Cleaning for Glendale Homes

Want your masonry to look as good as new? Custom Restoration specializes in restoring and cleaning masonry in the Glendale area. Over time, stone and brick deteriorate due to natural elements. Masonry cleaning is effective for restoring stone and brickwork.

Masonry cleaning eliminates unwanted matters like paint, wax, chewing gum, bitumen, algae, oil, organic matter and more. We use a superheated water system, ThermaTech™, for its effectiveness, but offer other solutions when necessary.

Fireplace Restoration in Glendale

A fireplace sets the tone of a space. Custom Restoration offers fireplace resurfacing, relining and custom design for Glendale customers. Resurfacing produces big results at a lower cost and is less invasive than a full remodel.

Custom Restoration uses veneer cut stone, thin bricks and cultured stone. Our materials put less stress on the foundation of a home and mimic the appearance of natural materials. We can turn any outdated fireplace into a show-stopping piece.

Caulking Services for Glendale, WI

If you have stones and brick, it is necessary to have a caulk sealing. Take care of your southeastern Wisconsin home with Custom Restoration's masonry services. We offer caulking solutions for any home experiencing poor masonry health. Old caulk may cause excess moisture, causing dangerous mold exposure to you and your family. Fix it today with the Custom Restoration team! Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Learn more about our professional masonry services today, or contact us to set up an appointment!

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