Masonry Restoration for West Allis, WI

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Custom Restoration specializes in all types of professional masonry repair, from simple problems solved with tuckpointing to rebuilding entire fireplaces. We offer a wide range of masonry repair and restoration services. Custom Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of restoration for your West Allis home or building.

Masonry Services:

Custom Restoration will properly fix masonry joints with tuckpointing to assure a quality finish. No matter what kind of shape your West Allis-area building is in, our team of experts can help you fix the problem and at an affordable price.

Masonry Repair and Relining Contractors in West Allis, WI

At Total Masonry Repair, we provide masonry and chimney services for all needed repairs and renovations. Whether you are looking to repair your masonry work, chimney, lintels, or just want to completely restore your West Allis infrastructure, we've got your back. We offer services for residential and commercial buildings, big or small. Total Masonry Repair specializes in chimney relining which helps to repair cracks in the protective liner. Call today for a free quote or to talk to a trusted team member.

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Cultured & Decorative Stones for West Allis Buildings

If you are planning to add decorative stones into a chimney or building front, we recommend cultured stone or brick. The benefits of choosing cultured stone over natural stone are that it's lighter in weight, easier to install, and lasts longer. These benefits help to reduce weight on your building's foundation, price of installation, and future repairs. At Total Masonry Repair, we carry

  • flat ledgestone
  • cobblestone
  • sculpted ashlar
  • fieldstone

Upgrading your decorative stone can be easy when you choose to work with Total Masonry Repair in West Allis. We make the replacement and building process quick, easy, and affordable. You don't need to lift a finger. Call us today to get in touch with a team member!

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