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At Custom Restoration, our experienced West Allis masons team is dedicated to providing expert repair and restoration services for all masonry structures. From tuckpointing and chimney repair to complete fireplace rebuilding, we have the skills and know-how to handle any masonry issue.

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional masonry repair and restoration services for our neighbors in West Allis. Whether you need a minor repair or a complete restoration, we are ready to help. Contact us today to restore your masonry structure back to its former glory.

Masonry Services:

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West Allis Tuckpointing Services for Businesses and Homes

For over 20 years, Custom Restoration has helped West Allis residential and commercial clients with affordable tuckpointing and mortar restoration. Cracks and mortar deterioration are common over time, making an exterior look run down. Replacing the mortar prevents loosening bricks and creates a more appealing look.

Why is tuckpointing important?

  • It holds brickwork (your home or business) together
  • It prevents water intrusion or mold from growing inside the walls
  • It provides an aesthetic appeal

Our masons use the best quality mortar and equipment to ensure a long-lasting result.

West Allis Fireplace Restoration

Upgrade your West Allis fireplace with Custom Restoration! Fireplace resurfacing immediately updates any space. Our experienced masons use veneer cut stone, thin brick, and cultured stone to make your fireplace a beautiful focal point. We offer complete fireplace services and solutions.

Custom Restoration is proud to use SOLIDFLUE lining. The lining system is among the industry’s absolute safest chimney products. Working with Custom Restoration ensures a top-quality result, affordable pricing, and the most efficient fireplace in West Allis.

Masonry Repair and Relining Contractors in West Allis, WI

At Total Masonry Repair, we provide masonry and chimney services for all needed repairs and renovations. Whether you are looking to repair your masonry work, chimney, lintels, or just want to completely restore your West Allis infrastructure, we've got your back. We offer services for residential and commercial buildings, big or small. Total Masonry Repair specializes in chimney relining which helps to repair cracks in the protective liner. Call today for a free quote or to talk to a trusted team member.

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Cleaning for Stone and Brick

Give your West Allis home or business a fresh appearance! Masonry cleaning removes dirt, algae, and stains that naturally occur over time. Custom Restoration offers professional services to restore the appearance of masonry. Proper care of masonry keeps stonework looking good as new. We often remove wax, paint, gum, bitumen, oil, organic matter, and much more.

West Allis Lintel Repair and Replacement

Custom Restoration replaces and repairs lintels in the West Allis area. Lintels are horizontal support beams over doorways, entrances, windows, and fireplaces. L-beams support the openings within a structure through the use of steel beams. Over time, l-beams corrode and rust through a process called rust-jacking. This phenomenon adds extra stress and pressure to the surrounding masonry. Lintel repair is essential for maintaining a structurally sound foundation.

Evident cracks in the mortar, warped bricks, or crumbling corners indicate lintel issues. Call us today and receive a free quote! Lintel repair must occur quickly to avoid higher costs and more extensive damage.

Caulking for West Allis Masonry

Prevent mold and water seepage from entering your West Allis property. Custom Restoration offers expert masonry caulking services to seal your home or business. Masonry caulking improves the overall exterior appearance and prevents costly, interior damage. Our services come at an affordable price and our expert masons use the best caulking products in the industry. We use 100% silicone waterproof, flexible, shrink and crack-proof caulk to ensure long-lasting results.

Cultured & Decorative Stones for West Allis Buildings

If you are planning to add decorative stones into a chimney or building front, we recommend cultured stone or brick. The benefits of choosing cultured stone over natural stone are that it's lighter in weight, easier to install, and lasts longer. These benefits help to reduce weight on your building's foundation, price of installation, and future repairs. At Total Masonry Repair, we carry

  • flat ledgestone
  • cobblestone
  • sculpted ashlar
  • fieldstone

Upgrading your decorative stone can be easy when you choose to work with Total Masonry Repair in West Allis. We make the replacement and building process quick, easy, and affordable. You don't need to lift a finger. Call us today to get in touch with a team member!

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