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Cracked and deteriorated bricks in a building’s structure are a common problem in Madison, especially since many buildings were built years ago. Cracks can end up making any home or storefront business look dilapidated and old and can also cause significant structural issues, creating serious problems down the road. Even a small 1/16th inch crack can allow water to penetrate throughout an entire chimney.

Custom Restoration will properly fix masonry joints with tuckpointing to assure a quality finish. No matter what kind of shape your Madison-area building is in, our team of experts can help you fix the problem at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Custom Restoration for Madison Masonry Work?

Choose Custom Restoration for your Madison masonry needs. With over 20 years of experience, our team specializes in chimney repairs, lintel replacements, and decorative stone installations. We offer quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, providing transparent quotes and material selection guidance. Our proven track record in our Project Gallery reflects our commitment to communication and reliability. From masonry cleaning to caulking services, we go beyond repairs to enhance the longevity of your brick and stonework. Contact us today for an Honest Quote and let Custom Restoration transform your Madison masonry.


Masonry Services

Custom Restoration in Madison offers specialized masonry services tailored for durability and aesthetic appeal. Our team excels in chimney repair, decorative stone and brick installation, lintel replacements, fireplace restoration, tuckpointing, masonry cleaning, and caulking. We emphasize expert craftsmanship, providing cost-effective solutions with clear quotes and material guidance. Explore our established track record in the Project Gallery for proof of our high-quality work. Rely on Custom Restoration for dependable masonry services that elevate the longevity and visual appeal of your Madison property.


Madison Chimney Repairs

Chimney repair for Madison

Specializing in chimney repair services within the Madison region, we focus on addressing various issues to guarantee the longevity and structural soundness of your chimney. Whether your masonry chimney has faced deterioration due to weather, condensation, or obstructions, our team is dedicated to providing effective solutions at an affordable rate.

If you notice signs such as spalling, whitening of the surface, or leaks in the crown, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer inspection appointments to evaluate the condition of your chimney. Regardless of the state of your building in the Madison area, our experienced team is well-prepared to efficiently address and rectify any chimney issues.

In cases where your chimney is beyond repair, our experts can undertake a complete rebuild, addressing structural concerns and ensuring the preservation of the architectural integrity of your building.


Chimney Relining

Our masonry experts in Madison are renowned for their expertise in chimney relining services, dedicated to restoring your chimney to its original glory. Chimney relining is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety. Whether your chimney has faced irreparable damage or you are looking to enhance its efficiency, our team is ready to provide reliable relining services.


Decorative & Cultured Stone for Madison Chimney, Porch or Siding Project

Custom Restoration collaborates with homeowners and project developers in Madison, offering durable masonry services. Established in 2000, Custom Restoration has experienced significant growth over the past decade. We assist Madison homes and buildings in selecting materials that suit their exterior requirements.

Decorative stone or brick is prominently showcased on leading storefronts and homes throughout Madison. A consumer's initial impression is formed even before stepping foot inside your building. Custom Restoration specializes in various styles of decorative stone like:

  • Ribbed
  • Striated
  • Rounded Rib
  • Bullnose


Showcase Natural Looking Patterns with Cultured Stone

In Madison, cultured stone finds widespread use in both residential and commercial masonry projects due to its cost-effectiveness and distinctive design. Unlike natural stone, this material is simpler to install and boasts an extended lifespan with appropriate upkeep. Cultured stone proves versatile for indoor and outdoor masonry applications.

Custom Restoration is well-prepared to tackle decorative stone and brick projects of varying shapes and sizes. Our services extend to masonry repairs for patios, entryways, outdoor living spaces, and any other areas requiring attention. Allow us to assist you in achieving a visually appealing interior or exterior for your Madison residence or business.


Lintel Replacements for Madison Homes & Businesses

An L-beam serves as a horizontal support beam crucial for sustaining openings in both residential and commercial structures. Effective L-beams are essential for supporting masonry around windows, doors, and entranceways. A compromised lintel not only jeopardizes the integrity of vertical support beams but also gives rise to expensive foundation problems.

As time passes, lintels undergo corrosion, exerting pressure on their surroundings. Indications of this include warped or protruding bricks. Observable cracks in the mortar encircling an opening or damage to corners act as signals for necessary lintel repairs. Custom Restoration assists customers in Madison by assessing the required work for comprehensive lintel repair.


Fireplace Restorations

Custom Restoration specializes in updating and restoring fireplaces for Madison residents, offering a chance to transform your space and make a statement with our exquisite materials. Our team crafts unique fireplaces using veneer cut stone, thin brick, and cultured stone.

Fireplace resurfacing is minimally intrusive and budget-friendly. Following restoration, our skilled masons line your new fireplace with the SOLIDFLUE chimney lining system, recognized as the best in the industry. We prioritize safety and guarantee aesthetically pleasing results for your fireplace.


Madison Building Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing services in Dane County

Custom Restoration works with home and business owners in Madison, WI for their tuckpointing and mortar repair needs. Sun exposure, freeze-thaw cycles, weather events, age and improper construction are the top causes of mortar deterioration. Mortar is important for foundation integrity, water seepage prevention and mold from growing. Custom Restoration has over 20 years of experience with exterior and interior repairs.

Cracks in mortar can serve as indicators of foundation problems or may result from the natural aging and settling of a structure. It is crucial to engage the expertise of an experienced mason to accurately assess and address such issues.


Masonry Cleaning Services

As your home or building ages, the deterioration of brick and stonework becomes inevitable. Optimize the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your masonry through the masonry cleaning services offered by Custom Restoration. Our professional cleaning services are designed to eliminate various substances that can mar the appearance of your masonry.

Custom Restoration employs the ThermaTech™ technology, effectively removing paint, wax, chewing gum, bitumen, algae, oil, organic matter, and more from properties in Madison. Trust us to restore the beauty of your masonry through our thorough and efficient cleaning services.


Masonry Caulking in Madison

Prevent mold and water seepage from entering your Madison home or business. Custom Restoration offers expert masonry caulking services to seal your property. Masonry caulking improves the overall appearance and prevents costly, interior damage. Our services come at an affordable price and our expert masons use the best caulking products in the industry. We use 100% silicone waterproof, flexible, shrink and crack-proof caulk to ensure long-lasting results.


Custom Restoration Offers Commercial Masonry Services

Explore high-quality commercial masonry services in Madison with Custom Restoration Inc., your trusted local experts. As premier commercial masonry contractors, we bring a dedicated focus on craftsmanship and adherence to industry standards, aiming to elevate the quality of various commercial buildings.


Commercial Masonry Construction

Custom Restoration, Inc. provides meticulous and detail-oriented masonry construction services for diverse commercial needs in Madison. Whether it involves constructing sturdy walls, intricate stone detailing, or common features like retaining walls, stone steps, chimneys, fireplaces, or backsplashes – we guarantee both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal in our services.


Madison Masonry Repairs & Restorations

With decades of expertise, our proficiency extends to masonry repairs and restoration in Madison. Whether dealing with a historic building or a modern structure, our team is well-equipped to tackle diverse projects, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. From rebuilding steel lintels to chimney repair, relining, and intricate stone carvings, we breathe new life into aging facades while preserving their authentic charm.


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