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Cracks and mortar deterioration in a building’s structure are common problems for a lot of older Greenfield, WI buildings, and can end up making your home or storefront business looking dilapidated and old. Deterioration can end up making any home or storefront business look rundown and old, but it can also cause significant structural issues in your building, creating serious problems down the road. Even a small 1/16th inch crack can allow water to penetrate throughout an entire chimney or flue.

Custom Restoration will properly fix masonry joints with tuckpointing to assure a quality finish. No matter what kind of shape your Greenfield-area building is in, our team of experts can help you fix the problem and at an affordable price.

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Greenfield Chimney Repair and Relining 

If you're looking for the most affordable way to fix your chimney, Custom Restorations provides you with services that will work best for you at a price that won't break your bank. Contact us as soon as you need repairs or the damage may cost you more down the line. Chimney relining services replace damaged liners that were improperly installed. Our restoration experts have been repairing masonry chimneys in Greenfield for decades. 

Masonry Cultured and Decorative Stone and Brick Work in Greenfield

A new construction project for your Greenfield home or business could mean you're looking for an aesthetic appeal. At Custom Restoration, we provide cultured and decorative stone/brick options to give your property a beautiful exterior. Cultured stones are lightweight, easy to install and last a long time. Decorative stone and brick will help you achieve the design you're after. Whatever stonework you choose will showcase the beauty and durability of your masonry project. 

Tuckpointing Greenfield Homes

Is your cracked masonry and mortar making your Greenfield home look run down? Fix up your tuckpointing with Total Masonry Repair. At Custom Restoration, we fix masonry joints and mortar cracks at affordable prices. Tuckpointing blends old bricks and new bricks to different types of masonry work, allowing for a seamless look. You will be able to tell your house needs tuckpointing if:

  • you call a professional to get your mortar checked out
  • you can scrape your mortar and leave scratches and powder residue behind
  • your masonry looks lopsided or loosened

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Fireplace Restoration for Residential Homes

Remodeling your fireplace will bring life back into your living room. Whether you're looking to upgrade stonework, fully remodel, or get a fireplace touch-up on a budget, Custom Restoration's contractors have you covered. Our team uses the SOLIDFLUE lining system to help add safety, strength, value, and longevity to your newly renovated fireplace. Work with our team, start to finish, to find what style fireplace fits your home best, at the lowest cost. 

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